SV Hydro Power buys Norwegian small scale hydro power company

Suomen Voima's eight shareholders' and Kaakon Energia's ja Kuoreveden Sähkö's joint venture SV Hydropower ltd have made an important step on the Norwegian small scale hydro power markert. SV Hydro Powwer has aquiered NK Energy Real 1 AS.

At the same time a management agreement and co-operation agreement has been done with Norsk Kraft. The aim is to build a good co-operation to enable an improving company.

NK Energy Real 1 AS own at the moment waterfall rights and shares of small scale hydro power in three power plants. The short term goal is to multioly this. The home office off the companys is in Bergen.

Suomen Voima is owned by 16 Finnish enegy companies. Of them Etelä-Savon Energia Oy, Keravan Energia Oy, Mäntsälän Sähkö Oy, Nurmijärven Sähkö Oy, Porvoon Energia Oy - Borgå Energi Ab, Sallila Energia Oy, Vatajankosken Sähkö Oy ja VSV-Energiapalvelu Oy own together 78 percent of SV Hydro Power ltd.